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Delivering primary healthcare to underserved global markets via the digital mobile network
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Our challenge

Imagine a near-future scenario where millions of people in underserved global markets can seek affordable health advice, arrange consultations with doctors and specialists, order medicines and pay for services anywhere, anytime over their smartphone, even if separated from doctors, hospitals, and clinics by hundreds of miles.

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Our mission

To deliver accessible, affordable, healthcare to millions of people in underserved global markets, generating a beneficial social impact to their communities.

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Immediate access to healthcare on your smartphone

Robert Condon, founder of healthtech company Esprit, is a pioneer of the international mobile phone industry. He spent his career traveling the world to establish some of the first mobile networks, many of which were in emerging markets.

The smartphone has now become the communications medium of choice, and realising the potential for delivering healthcare over the digital mobile network, Robert and his team are leveraging that know-how to create an m-Health (mobile health) platform.

Now, Esprit is partnering with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) under its m-Health brand to provide accessible, affordable, healthcare and health insurance, to millions of people in underserved global markets, anywhere, anytime.

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Esprit is a Startup Health Transformer and Moonshot partner


There are 4.2 billion people in global emerging markets, where at least half the population cannot obtain essential healthcare and health insurance services. In many of these markets there are less than 3 doctors per 10,000 population.

Millions of people in emerging markets are at high risk of illness or injury every day, with no immediate access to healthcare and medicines. Often, they need to travel considerable distances and endure lengthy waiting times to see a doctor or pharmacist.



For an increasing number of people in emerging markets, the smartphone has become the de-facto means of communication and access to the internet.

Our unique m-health platform and digital health wallet can provide millions of people with direct access to physicians, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and insurers. It can also store important documents including ID, electronic health records, insurance payments and claims, vaccination passports and much more.

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Payers, Government, and NGOs

Helping governments, payers, and NGOs to deliver universal healthcare programs more efficiently

Health insurers can access their customers directly via our mobile wallet, saving time, and making payment and claims a frictionless, paperless experience. Furthermore, Esprit is able to gather valuable patient data, assess payments and claims, and help set future policy terms and conditions, and pricing.

We help governments deliver universal healthcare and special support programs more efficiently. We provide citizens with the means to access and pay for affordable healthcare via our health wallet.

NGO sponsored health and aid programs can be more efficiently managed using our health wallet. Preventative campaigns can be implemented quicker and more efficiently, thus helping to lower the risk of an epidemic.

Payers, Government, and NGOs
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