Esprit Health


Healthcare and Insurance for underserved emerging global markets

6 billion people, or approximately 80% of the world's population live in emerging markets. Esprit plans to disrupt the healthcare and insurance markets in these regions by delivering accessible and affordable primary healthcare direct to the public via the digital mobile networks.

Esprit has identified Africa, Asia and Latin America as being the most populous regions of the world in which to provide mobile healthcare and Insurance products and services.

We plan to deliver our services directly to the public using our mobile health platform and personal health wallet technology. We also plan to partner with governments, mobile network operators, (MNOs), medical and insurance providers, retail, and financial institutions.

There is a growing middle-class population in emerging markets that is demanding better healthcare for themselves and their families and are prepared to pay for it out of their disposable income. In many cases government funded healthcare plans are not keeping pace with demand leaving a supply gap that is widening.

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