Esprit Health


Accessible, affordable healthcare on your Smartphone anytime anywhere

Our personal digital mobile health wallet provides a simple, frictionless way of directly accessing our healthcare platform and services.

With Esprit there's no more stressing over finding and booking a doctor's appointment, traveling miles to a clinic or outpatients, and sitting in a crowded waiting room for hours.

Speak to a member of our medical team on your smartphone and book a video consultation with one of our doctors or therapists, at a time convenient to you, from the privacy of your own home, or when you're at work or out and about.

Whether you just need some reassuring health advice for you or a member of your family, a prescription, or referral to a specialist, the Esprit healthcare team will be there to help you.

  • 24/7 access to our medical support team
  • Consult online doctor or therapist
  • Home delivery prescription service
  • Access Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Real-time health tracking with wearable devices
  • Search doctors, specialist, clinics, and hospitals
  • E-commerce - pharmacy and personal care products
  • Health and wellness advice
  • Savings and cashless payment
  • Earn health points
Online doctor

Esprit's healthcare services can be accessed via our digital health wallet on your smartphone, or alternatively using WhatsApp, or any other internet-enabled device

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