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Our m-Health Platform

Get a free initial health assessment.

Esprit's digital m-health platform connects people to healthcare professionals and services anytime, anywhere, via our digital health wallet.

Download our health wallet and AI symptoms checker on your smartphone for a free initial health assessment.

The wallet is a simple way of directly accessing our online healthcare platform. It can store important documents including your ID and electronic health records. It provides you with immediate access to a nurse practitioner or doctor, plus a range of healthcare, insurance, and pharmacy products and services.

Online doctor
Our m-Health Platform

For most people in emerging markets, the smartphone has become the de-facto means of communication and access to the internet.

In 2021, more than 200 million people connected to the mobile internet via smartphone for the first time, bringing the total to 4.19 billion people (53% of the global population). By 2025, this number will rise to 5 billion, equivalent to three in five people globally.

The digital mobile money wallet has become the primary method of money transfer, and access to e-commerce services.

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