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Primary Care - Online Doctor

Primary Care - Online Doctor

Primary healthcare for you and your family, anytime, anywhere.

If you, or a member of your family, are worried about a health condition, simply download our App onto your smartphone and access Isabel our AI-based Symptoms Checker FREE OF CHARGE.

You can consult Isabel as many times as you like. With AI, (Artificial Intelligence), the more times you use it, the more it learns about your personal health.

If you're still concerned, you can register with one of our doctors for a video consultation.

Our Telehealth service allows you to consult a doctor anytime, anywhere via a live video consultation - either on your smartphone or online. The doctor can perform examinations, recommend treatments, provide medicines, and offer follow-up care, all through a secure, high-quality video and audio connection.

You can book an appointment by phone or by using our online booking system. You'll get a confirmation email with a link, then all you need to do is follow the link, and you'll be whisked away to the virtual treatment room. just one click and you're in, It really is that easy.

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