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Primary Healthcare

Primary healthcare is under pressure in the UK resulting in patient frustration and longer waiting times for an appointment.

Getting a GP appointment can be a challenge when you most need it. GPs are under increasing pressure due to the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic, a growing elderly population, the rise in chronic illness and the added burden of follow-up administration.

According to a recent Pulse Survey, GPs are working on average 11-hour days which is causing many to burn out and leave the profession or take early retirement.

This has resulted in a chronic shortage of doctors with waiting times for primary care appointments often extending to more than 2 weeks, and secondary care more than 12-18 weeks.

Online digital healthcare
Private healthcare

Why Do Patients Opt For Private Healthcare?

There are many reasons why patients may opt for private healthcare. Key considerations include:

  • Patient choice.
  • A high level of personal care.
  • Patients can choose their doctor and are likely to be seen by the same doctor throughout their treatment.
  • Treatment will be available without a long waiting list.
  • Doctor easily accessible online, anytime, anywhere.
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